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Welcome to GlynWell Physician Partners

Emergency departments pose many challenges for hospitals. GlynWell Physician Partners has innovative, proven solutions.

What We Do

Quite simply, we transform emergency departments. We understand the issues emergency departments face: staffing, consistent delivery of quality care, patient satisfaction, and financial sustainability, to name a few. And we address each one of these with smart, data-supported solutions. We’ve done it for hospitals across the country, and we can do it for you, too.

Our Proven Strategies

ED Integration

Emergency Departments aren’t islands. They’re an integral part of the hospital as a whole. With this in mind, GlynWell employs a proven mapping process to improve throughput from the ED to the hospital. We attend throughput meetings and work closely with the hospital staff to design and implement processes to improve efficiency, maximize ED contributions, decrease patient time in hospital, and reduce costs.

Management Versus Staffing

We’re not a staffing company. We manage emergency departments. And we manage every aspect of them, from budgeting to patient satisfaction surveys. We’re a totally integrated team, in-touch and hands-on, not only with the ED, but with the entire hospital.

Focus On People

When it comes to people, we recruit highly skilled and respected emergency physicians. We also rely heavily on nurse practitioners, physicians' assistants, EMTs, and non-physician staff members. We make sure every team member is well trained and understands their contributions are vital to the success of the ED. We also work closely with the staff to ensure they are fully participating in the system, and we reward them for his or her loyalty, performance, and professionalism.

Dedicated to Data

Data tells the true story of how an ED is performing. At GlynWell, we collect data at every possible touchpoint, and we make this data available through our web-based dashboard and portal. In fact, analytics and performance metrics are available 24/7, not just for the department, but for each provider.

Community Outreach

We consider community outreach an important part of the overall management of a successful ED. We cultivate relationships with local EMS and work to improve the hospital’s image in the community. We understand the ED is the front door of the hospital for many, so we make our EDs welcoming, supportive, and community-friendly.

We’re Small

We don’t have shareholders or equity investors to answer to. We answer to you, our client. We’re also physicians. Been there, done that, know how to do it better.

We’re Agile and Accessible

Small means when you need us, you don’t have to slog through multiple layers of corporate management to get to us. Basically, your ED is our office, and we’re there more than you would think.

We’re Totally Transparent

You have on-demand access to all our data. And while our ultimate goal is to make every ED we manage financially self-sustaining, this often takes time. If we do receive a subsidy, you will have 100 percent access to our bank accounts and financial reports. No exceptions.

We’re Committed to Patient Satisfaction

Not to outcomes, but to satisfied patients. Because we want to help make people better,
and we also realize we’re only as good as our patients’ perception of us. So we make sure they’re satisfied.

Meet Our Leadership

The GlynWell leadership has unique expertise in the implementation and management of programs to improve performance metrics and patient care in the Emergency Department, ultimately improving the throughput of the entire hospital.

Let's Talk

At GlynWell, we’re always looking for new partners and new opportunities to apply our proven strategies and innovative ideas to improve hospital emergency departments, freestanding emergency departments, and hospitalists.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you and your facility, please contact us.